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Trevor Beattie, former chairman of TBWA, fully supported the original line-up of Hussey!!
Meet 'HUSSEY' the Academy in Kent's home grown talented bubble-gum pop group who were tipped to take over where the Spice Girls left off by the UK music industry.
Following an intense nationwide search in 2004, Triple A Multimedia Group released the group's single on the Academy's own record label, Triple A Records Ltd.
Music entrepreneur, Terry Armstrong, and a panel of media experts selected the artists from over seven hundred applicants virtually all from Kent. The successful line up were: Sam (19) Kate (18) Emma (18), Gay Marvin (18) and last but not least Sian (19).
Triple A were in talks with a major label in terms of licensing 'HUSSEY' world-wide.
So, how does a great band like Hussey come together? Where do we find such extraordinary talent? What is the X factor and how do you know when you’ve got it? What makes a Hussey stand out in a crowd?
Hussey attitude.
Creating a major new band such as Hussey involves many months of hard work and planning. Terry Armstrong, CEO of TRIPLE-A MULTIMEDIA GROUP and established band manager, first came up with the Hussey concept. What he was looking for was a fresh new look combined with dazzling talent, but most important of all was the Hussey attitude.
A true, genuine Hussey is hard to define. It’s not enough to be fashionable, or streetwise. Husseys can be found anywhere in the world, and its only when you meet one that you know. They have that unmistakable ‘something’ that makes you look twice when you see them in the street.
However, there are things that all good Husseys have in common:
They all have their own sense of style – not somebody else’s!
All Husseys know what they want and will work hard to get it.
A true Hussey isn’t afraid to stand out from the crowd.
Natural sex appeal and the ability to use it!
They are leaders, not followers.
But most importantly, Husseys know how to have fun. Whether dancing in the clubs, hanging out with friends on a Saturday afternoon, or flirting with the boy next door, Husseys make the most of every opportunity to ‘have a laugh’.
Finding Husseys.
Husseys can be found in the most unusual of places, and through a mixture of advertising and talent spotting, Terry and his team managed to find over seven hundred of them. Even to be considered to go forward, applicants had to have exactly the right blend of attitude, personality, stage presence and style. Even then, with all these qualities in abundance, each candidate had to prove that they had the ‘X’ factor - the elusive quality that made each Hussey hopeful unique and individual.
Many, many gorgeous guys and gals fell by the wayside. Others had the talent, but not the attitude. Even more had everything else but the ‘X’. However, these rising young stars emerged from the ashes.
Reasons beyond Terry's control prevented him from making the line-up an international success. However, Terry has decided that 2010 will be the return of the Hussey and auditions for a new line-up are imminent!!
If you feel you have got what it takes to be a member of Hussey - keep your eyes on this website - audition dates will be advertised shortly.

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